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SSLT IOT Technology Co., Ltd
Room 1703, Floor 17th,Jinhai Wealth,Com.Center, Baiziwanxili,Bld. No402,Chaoyang
100124 Beijing, Chine (la)

Téléphone: +86 10 59694539
Fax: +86 10 59694595


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Surveillance électronique des articles  


 Adopted imported acrylic material; strong resistance to abrasion; fully transparent; capable of recognizing EM & RFID label to alarm simultaneously; reads label in a 3-dimension direction; supports offline application & usage for many antennas working in unison & mostly used for old EM-labeled books, as well as new RFID-labeled books.

Functional Parameters
1) Transparency: the adopted acrylic material makes the SSLT-EMID-U91 fully-transparent.
2) Compatibility: it simultaneously recognizes both EM labels & RFID chips with no interference.
3) Stability: the adopted software-controlling technology guarantees very good stability.
4) Sensitivity: the adopted Digital DMPD & RFID technology guarantees a safe, reliable & highly sensitive alarm system.
5) Purpose: the EM label is used for old books while the RFID label is used for new books in the library, thus saving the fees of changing RFID labels & using RFID equipment in the library.
6) Extensity: apart from the advanced RIFD system, it also has an optional people-counter system.
7) Linkage: has linked management together with access control & monitoring systems.
8) Installation Range: single aisle — 1m; dual aisle — 2m.
9) Method(s) of Installation: embedded, trunking, cutting, baseplate.

SSLT-ZJ-1281DC Cell Phone Security Display


1) Artistic design & the kinds of colors for an LED base.
2) Long-range remote control distance.
3) Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.
4) Charging cable/RJ/Tamper Alarm.
5) High-alarm volume.
6) RJ charge.
7) Remote-controlled PIN login.
8) Alarm-position indication.
9) Anti-forced demolition alarm system.

Product Features
1) Dimensions: 49.5 mm (length) by 32.5mm (width) by 17.5 mm (height).
2) Remote-control distance: 1 m.
3) Built-in battery: rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.
4) Power input port type: USB.
5) Maximum standby time: 10 days.
6) Alarm volume: 95 db

UHF RFID workstation (BESTIOT-RFID -UW910)


2.Frequency:840-960Mhz(adjust by requirements)
4.Standard:EPC C1 GEN2/ISO18000-6C
5.Read distance:20cm@E42 (Impinj)
6.RFID antenna:7dBi
7.Embed R500 module,Circular Pola
Bank,Library,Asset Management