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ABS Group presents ABSolutely™, a comprehensive fabric and technology system for set-up installations

ABS Group is to present ABSolutely™ at the most important international trade show addressed to the retail industry and to store design, to be held in Dusseldorf (Germany) from 5 to 9 March 2017. ABSolutely™ is an innovative aluminium and fabric system for functional, dynamic and engaging set-up installations featuring in-built technologies.

ABS Group stands out as the first Italian company to have reinvented fabric use in set-up installations. Combining this flexible support with aluminium frames of varying thicknesses produces countless types of back-lit, fully equipped and decorative bearing structures that are highly flexible and versatile. Fabric is an ideal medium for designing dynamic commercial areas, trade shows and exhibitions capable of adapting to the requirements of different spaces.
ABS Group manufactures lightboxes, illuminated and customisable fabric walls fitted with accessories, but also curved elements, circles, ellipses, and suspended structures to create interesting ambiances and set up showrooms, stores, stands, exhibitions and events, guaranteeing speed of assembly, simple image changes and minimum bulk during transport.

At Euroshop 2017, the worldwide window onto the future of retail, ABS Group will be presenting ABSolutely™, a comprehensive system for set-up installations that represents a further evolution in fabric set-ups. ABSolutely™ is based on the use of aluminium frames and fabric, enhanced by the addition of a wide range of accessories, multimedia supports and features. ABSolutely™ elements can house dynamic systems providing back lighting, reduced sound reverberation, improved sound diffusion and single module handling.

For this year's Euroshop, ABS Group has developed an evocative and experiential stand split into separate areas featuring all the characteristics and set-up possibilities offered by ABSolutely™. These include a sliding or rotating system for ease of handling, and the spectacular effect of dynamic lightboxes, an absolute novelty in this sector, which make use of interactive backlighting to highlight specific graphics through programmed and dynamic LED effects. ABS Group will also be presenting a wide range of accessories for these fabric walls, including glass shelves, brochure holders, drawer units and coat hangers, which can be fastened directly onto the aluminium structures or secured using magnets. The central area of the stand will feature an experience room, developed in collaboration with the digital and creative company ETT Spa. In the experience room, visitors can experience the reduction in sound reverberation provided by the system by means of sound-absorbing panels inserted into the structures, while also listening to background music played by the integrated sound system; and all accompanied by a moving display of lights on the walls, generated by dynamic LED backlighting. Outside the experience room, visitors can find out more information about the elements making up the ABSolutely™ system and its numerous areas of application on wall handling systems with in-built interactive screens.
This set up solution, which involves the use of sliding walls and multimedia supports, is also ideal in shops, to attract customers towards products and generate interaction.
Shops, showrooms, shopping centres, workplaces, museums, trade shows: ABSolutely™ completely revolutionises the furnishing and set-up of retail, business and exhibition areas, making them more functional, dynamic and engaging.

Focus on:

The first in Europe to introduce dynamic lightboxes

For years, ABS Group has been selling lightboxes, aluminium and fabric structures with a LED backlighing system marked by energy savings, high quality and durability (five years). Already the ABSolutely™ dynamic lightboxes are an evolution compared to static ones, and today the company is getting ready to introduce a further innovation on the European market: a backlighting system that makes uses of modules placed on the back of the fabric that can be programmed according to the visual effect required. The programming of the dynamic lightboxes can be changed based on the design featured on the fabric and the elements to be highlighted.

New: customizable sound-absorbing panels

Sound-absorbing panels offer an effective way of reducing sound reverberation. The novelty introduced by ABS Group relates to the finishes available. Indeed, unlike traditional panels, the ABSolutely™ fabrics that cover the single-sided or double-sided frames can be customised with personalised designs. Polyester fibre panels are inserted inside the aluminium profiles to absorb sound waves and reduce noise by up to 33 decibels.

To download the images of the ABS Group stand at Euroshop 2017, of the ABSolutely™ system and of the projects implemented by the company, visit:


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