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EuroShop 2020: Unique Power Package for Retail


EuroShop, the World’s no.1 Retail Trade Fair, is a must-see fixture for the retail world. From 16 to 20 February it will bring together to the tune of 2,300 exhibitors from over 60 countries with 114,000 trade visitors expected from throughout the world in Düsseldorf.
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Mobile Payment: EuroShop 2020 shows what’s already feasible today and will be everyday routine tomorrow


Payment Apps and digital wallets are conquering smartphones and smart watches changing shoppers’ payment preferences. Payment should be fast and convenient – preferably anywhere and without queuing.
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EuroShop 2020 – Dimension Lighting: Subtle Communication with Light


Store lighting remains one of the most important investment focuses in German retail, as revealed by the latest EHI Energy Monitor 2020 among other things. For this reason, lighting continues to play an important role at EuroShop, the world's largest trade fair for retail investment needs.
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Energy storage in retail: ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE cooperates with EuroShop


In future, the ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE (ESE) trade fair will cooperate with EuroShop, the world’s leading trade fair for retail investment requirements. As part of this cooperation, commercial enterprises will receive information on how they can use storage systems to implement energy saving measures, which in turn help them secure competitive advantages and commit to climate protection.
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Experience Dimension Visual Merchandising at EuroShop 2020


Extravagant, high-quality display mannequins have always been a major attraction for visitors at EuroShop, running once again in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 February – and they are indispensable to fashion retail. Especially in shop windows they are the emotional tool that often decides whether shoppers enter the store to begin with.
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EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf


In the relatively short space of time since the last EuroShop in 2017, a lot has changed in retail. Everywhere you look, technology is transforming the way that consumers interact and transact with brands. At EuroShop 2020, 16 to 20 February in Düsseldorf, the 550 international exhibitors of the experience dimension “Retail Technology”
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The Eighth Dimension – Food Service Equipment EuroShop 2020: Retailers become Hosts


More attractive, more diverse, more culinary: retailers are increasingly focusing on food service. Combining food with the retail customer journey is considered the success formula of the future. In times of online shopping any food service offered allows retailers to set themselves apart and boost footfall.
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From clicks to bricks: Why online brands are getting physical


For years, media headlines have declared the death of the high street at the hands of e-commerce. But, while several well-known retailers have indeed shut up shop or cut back on store numbers, a growing number of digitally native brands are investing in bricks-and-mortar spaces to complement and support their online offer.
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C-star 2019 writes another chapter of success in Shanghai


C-star - Shanghai's International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends All about Retail concluded its fifth edition on April 27, 2019. Exhibitors and visitors were highly satisfied with the show result.
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in-store asia in Mumbai from 14 to 16 March


Indian retail has developed rather slowly over the past decades but now the speed of change is picking up noticeably. Physical retail practically has to re-invent itself so as to stay relevant, especially for young shoppers.
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